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Botch: To mark with, or as with, botches.Young Hylas, botched with stains. Garth. To repair to mend esp. to patch in a clumsy or imperfect manner,as a garment sometimes w
Branchy: Icel. brandr a brand, blade of a sword. sq. root3 See Burn, v. t.,and cf. Brandish.] A burning piece of wood or a stick or piece of wood partly burnt,whether bu
Brasilin brasilein
Brasilin brasilein: A substance, C16H14O5, extracted from brazilwood as a yellowcrystalline powder which is white when pure. It is colored intenselyred by alkalies on exp
Brazil nut
Brazil nut: A very heavy wood of a reddish color, imported from Brazil andother tropical countries, for cabinet-work, and for dyeing. The bestis the heartwood of C?salpin
Brazilin: A substance contained in both Brazil wood and Sapan wood, fromwhich it is extracted as a yellow crystalline substance which iswhite when pure. It is colored int
Brazilwood: Type of tropical tree from which a red dye is produced wood of that tree
Brickkiln: A kiln, or furnace, in which bricks are baked or burnt or apile of green bricks, laid loose, with arches underneath to receivethe wood or fuel for burning them
Bricoleur: (French) handy man, person who does small repairs or construction work person who constantly creates his/her own strategies for understanding reality
Brightwork: Polished metal parts, shiny woodwork, varnished wood (on a boat or car)
Broadleaf: A tree (Terminalia latifolia) of Jamaica, the wood of which isused for boards, scantling, shingles, etc sometimes called thealmond tree, from the shape of its
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