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Creampuff: Small pastry filled with cream (Slang) weak person, timid person (Slang) old used car which is in extremely good condition
Crosshead: A beam or bar across the head or end of a rod, etc., or a block attached to it and carrying a knuckle pin as the solid crosspiece running between parallel slid
Curate: One who has the cure souls originally, any clergyman, but now usually limited to one who assist a rector or vicar Hook. All this the good old man performed alone,
Cut-off: That which cuts off or shortens, as a nearer passage or road. (Mach.) (a) The valve gearing or mechanism by which steam is cut off from entering the cylinder of
Cylinder: (Geom.) (a) A solid body which may be generated by the rotation of a parallelogram round one its sides or a body of rollerlike form, of which the longitudinal s
Damping: Capacity built into a mechanical or electrical device to prevent excessive instability making humid or wet
Dashpot: A pneumatic or hydraulic cushion for a falling weight, as in the valve gear of a steam engine, to prevent shock. Note: It consists of a chamber, containing air o
Day coach
Day coach: Regular train passenger car with no special accommodations (as opposed to parlor car, sleeping car, etc.)
De icer
De icer: Mechanical device preventing or removing ice formation
Dead lift
Dead lift: Direct lifting without mechanical help lift in weight lifting when the weight is lifted from the floor to level of the hip (Sports)
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