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Fishtail: Back and forth motion, movement similar to that made by a fishs tail (made by a car or the tail of a plane)
Flang: An external or internal rib, or rim, for strength, as the flange of an iron beam or for a guide, as the flange of a car wheel (see Car wheel.) or for attachment to
Flight engineer
Flight engineer: Crewmember on a flight who is in charge and handles the mechanical operation during the flight
Flivver: Inexpensive car of poor quality anything of poor quality
Fluid dynamics
Fluid dynamics: Branch of fluid mechanics that is concerned with the properties of fluids in motion
Fog light
Fog light: Front or rear light on a car that casts light of a color in order to reduce the effect of fog and rain
Foglight: Front or rear light on a car that casts light of a color in order to reduce the effect of fog and rain
Foot valve
Foot valve: A suction valve or check valve at the lower end of a pipe esp., such a valve in a steam-engine condenser opening to the air pump.
Forcing: The accomplishing of any purpose violently, precipitately, prematurely, or with unusual expedition. (Gardening) The art of raising plants, flowers, and fruits at
Four stroke engine
Four stroke engine: Four cylinder engine, internal combustion engine comprised of four pistons
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