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Four wheel drive
Four wheel drive: Car transmission system that provides engine power to all four wheels car with a four wheel drive transmission
Four wheel drive car
Four wheel drive car: Car with a four wheel drive transmission
Foveation: (Medicine) scarred condition, pitted scar formation, condition of being pitted (such as in chickenpox, smallpox or vaccinia) scars formed under such condition
Free energy
Free energy: Maximum amount of energy which can be produced from a chemical or mechanical process
Freight car
Freight car: Railroad car for carrying freight, railroad car in which goods are transported
Friction: The act of rubbing the surface of one body against that of another attrition in hygiene, the act of rubbing the body with the hand, with flannel, or with a brus
Front-wheel drive
Front-wheel drive: Front wheels of a vehicle powered by the engine affording better control and traction
Fuel Filters
Funicular railway
Funicular railway: Steep railway operated by means of a cable which raises and lowers the cars (often with the ascending car counterbalancing the descending one)
Gadding: Going about much, needlessly or without purpose. Envy is a gadding passion, and walketh the streets. Bacon. The good nuns would check her gadding tongue. Tennyso
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