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Arbalest arbalist
Arbalest arbalist: A crossbow, consisting of a steel bow set in a shaft of wood,furnished with a string and a trigger, and a mechanical device forbending the bow. It serv
Artificer: An artistic worker a mechanic or manufacturer one whoseoccupation requires skill or knowledge of a particular kind, as asilversmith. One who makes or contrives
Artisanal: Skilled in the arts or crafts, of a craftsman or workshop owner
Atomistic: Of or pertaining to atoms relating to atomism. [R.]It is the object of the mechanical atomistic philosophy to confoundsynthesis with synartesis. Coleridge.
Auto show
Auto show: Motor show, exhibition in which car manufacturers display their current automobile models and concept cars
Autokinetic: Having an inherent power of action or motion.Nothing can be said to be automatic. Sir H. Davy. Pertaining to, or produced by, an automaton of the nature of a
Automatic car
Automatic car: Car with an automatic transmission, auto which switches its gears automatically
Automaton: Robot self-acting machine person who behaves mechanically
Automixte system
Automixte system: A system (devised by Henri Pieper, a Belgian) of drivingautomobiles employing a gasoline engine and an auxiliary reversibledynamo. When there is an exce
Automobile test
Automobile test: Car test, evaluation of an automobiles level of functioning
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