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Calipers: An instrument, usually resembling a pair of dividers or compasses with curved legs, for measuring the diameter or thickness of bodies, as of work shaped in a la
Caloric: Of or pertaining to caloric. Caloric engine, a kind of engine operated air.
Calorimeter: (Physiol.) An apparatus for measuring the amount of heat contained in bodies or developed by some mechanical or chemical process, as friction, chemical combi
Capnography: Monitoring the concentration of exhaled carbon dioxide in order to assess the physiologic status of patients (i.e. who suffer from acute respiratory problem
Car attendant
Car attendant: Person who parks cars (at a hotel, event, etc.)
Car boot sale
Car boot sale: (British) garage sale, informal sale of personal possessions usually held on ones premises informal estate sale
Car Cleaing
Car cloning
Car cloning: Duplicate the license plate and identity number of a car and place them on a car that has been stolen
Car ferry
Car ferry: Ferryboat which transports automobiles across a body of water
Car Insurance
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