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Car Licences
Car maintenance
Car maintenance: Process of keeping a car in proper working order, expenses required to keep a car running well
Car mileage
Car mileage: Of, relating to, or mixed with, carmine as, carminated lake. Tomlinson.
Car park
Car park: (British) parking lot, place to leave ones car when not in use
Car Radios
Car Security
Car wash
Car wash: Place that washes cars device used for washing cars soap-like product that is added to water for cleaning cars act of washing a car
Car wheel
Car wheel: A flanged wheel of a railway car or truck.
Carburettor mean: A device in engines which mixes petrol with air and regulates the intake of the mixture into the engine. A carburetor basically consists of an open pip
Carcel lamp
Carcel lamp: A French mechanical lamp, for lighthouses, in which a superbundance of oil is pumped to the wick tube by clockwork.
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