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Full: To become fulled or thickened as, this material fulls well.
Gagman: Standup comedian person who writes comic material for standup comedians or for comedies
Ganister gannister
Ganister gannister: A refractory material consisting of crushed or ground siliceous stone, mixed with fire clay used for lining Bessemer converters also used for macadami
Gasifier: Device that converts a solid material into a gas type of furnace with a controlled air intake to aid in the production of combustible gases
Gel: Semi-solid chemical mixture which resembles jelly gelatin slide, colored translucent material placed over theater lights hair gel, jelly-like substance used in styl
Gesso: Plaster of Paris, or gypsum, esp. as prepared for use in painting, or in making bas-reliefs and the like by extension, a plasterlike or pasty material spread upon
Glaziers putty
Glaziers putty: Material which is applied around the joint of the glass and frame to hold it permanently
Gnosticism: Early Christian religious doctrine stressing that salvation comes by learning private spiritual truths that free mankind from the material world religious or
Go into a convent
Go into a convent: Become a nun, join a convent, renounce the material world for a life of religious devotion
Goa powder
Goa powder: A bitter powder (also called araroba) found in the interspaces of the wood of a Brazilian tree (Andira araroba) and used as a medicine. It is the material fro
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