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Making: The act of one who makes workmanship fabrication construction as, this is cloth of your own making 6. the making of peace or war was in his power. 7. Composition
Mandril: Spindle used to hold material being machined or milled shaft on which a working tool is mounted
Manila manilla
Manila manilla: Of or pertaining to Manila or Manilla, the capital of the Philippine Islands made in, or exported from, that city. Manila cheroot or cigar, a cheroot or c
Marbleise: Cause to resemble marble, apply decorative material or color to give the appearance of marble (also marbleize)
Marbleization: Application of decorative material to a surface to give the appearance of marble
Mastering: Becoming an expert in using something having proficiency or mastery of act of making a master recording from which all copies are made, process in which recor
Material advantages
Material advantages: Advantages related to money, tangible benefits
Material evidence
Material evidence: Evidence that could affect the decision of a court case
Material fact
Material fact: Fact that can influence a decision that is being made
Materialism: The doctrine of materialists materialistic views and tenets. The irregular fears of a future state had been supplanted by the materialism of Epicurus. Buckmi
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