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Microbalance: Scale for weighing very small amounts of material (Chemistry)
Microprobe: Tiny instrument which beams electrons onto a surface in order to stimulate the emission of X-rays that can be analyzed to determine the chemical composition
Microtubule: Thin tube-like organ in a cell that is used for transporting material within a cell
Mineralization: The process of mineralizing, or forming a mineral by combination of a metal with another element also, the process of converting into a mineral, as a bone
Mobcap: A plain cap or headdress for women or girls especially, one tying under the chin by a very broad band, generally of the same material as the cap itself. Thackeray
Mobilise: Move, circulate cause to move around draft assemble for action (especially armed reserves), get ready for war (Medicine) liberate material stored in the body 6
Modeling clay
Modeling clay: Soft and moldable material that does not harden used for modeling sculptures
Mold mould
Mold mould: To form into a particular shape to shape to model to fashion. He forgeth and moldeth metals. Sir M. Hale. Did I request thee, Maker, from my clay To mold me m
Molding: Process of forming something in a mold that which has been molded patterned edging, strip of material that is used as trim (also moulding)
Mortice: Mortise, recess or groove in a piece of wood or another material that fits together with a corresponding projecting piece of material connection, joint
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