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Converter reactor
Converter reactor: Nuclear reactor that produces less fissionable material than it uses or produces a different type of fissionable material
Conveyor belt
Conveyor belt: Mechanical apparatus for carrying material or objects from place to place by means of a large moving belt (especially in a factory)
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Corporeal: Having a body consisting of, or pertaining to, a material body or substance material opposed to spiritual or immaterial. His omnipotence That to corporeal subs
Corrugate: To form or shape into wrinkles or folds, or alternate ridges and grooves, as by drawing, contraction, pressure, bending, or otherwise to wrinkle to purse up as
Corticine: A material for carpeting or floor covering, made of ground cork and caoutchouc or India rubber.
Cotillon cotillion
Cotillon cotillion: A brisk dance, performed by eight persons a quadrille. A tune which regulates the dance. A kind of woolen material for womens skrits.
Cracklings: Crunchy material left over after melting down pork or chicken fat (term used mainly in Southern USA)
Cracknels: Cracklings, crunchy material left over after melting down pork or chicken fat
Crash course
Crash course: Short study course designed to cover a lot of material in a short period of time
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