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Barbie Dolls
A small doll used for play - used mainly by girls, originally created in 1959 in the USA.
A trades person who cuts mens hair, or even shaves and trims a beard
Television: System of transferring picture and sound over radio waves device which receives television signals and displays them as pictures and sound
Dandiprat: An informal way of referring to a young or insignificant person. (n) A type of coin given during the 16th Century, it was valued at three halfpence, not a ba
Dandie Dinmont
What does Dandie Dinmont mean: terrier of a breed from the Scottish Borders. Add a definition of Dandie Dinmont to dictionary uk.
Days fatal to Kings
Certain days were dangerous to be a king. Sunday has been the most deadly day, since seven of them have died on a Sunday including Henry I, Edward III, James I, William I
Athletes Foot
Athletes foot is a condition that causes scaling, flaking, and itching of the affected part of the skin. Other symptoms include blisters, cracked skin that leads to pain,
Overseas travel
Being able to communicate in different languages is often referred to as being bilingual or multilingual. With the world being diverse, communication is essential: hence
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