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Abandon oneself
Abandon oneself: Give oneself over to surrender oneself
Abandon oneself to
Abandon oneself to: Surrender oneself to, lose all restraint, become addicted
Abandon oneself to grief
Abandon oneself to grief: Enter into a mourning state completely
Abandon ship
Abandon ship: Evacuate a ship leave a group or company because it is headed for failure
Abandoned: Forsaken, deserted. "Your abandoned streams." Thomson. Self-abandoned, or given up to vice extremely wicked, or sinningwithout restraint irreclaimably wicked a
Abandoned cat
Abandoned cat: Cat that has been left behind, cat that has been abandoned
Abandoned child
Abandoned child: Neglected child, deserted child, forsaken child, foundling
Abandoned children
Abandoned children: Neglected children, deserted children, forsaken children
Abandoned person
Abandoned person: One who loses hope one who has been forsaken
Abandoned property
Abandoned property: Discarded possessions, forsaken property, deserted property
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