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Abb: Among weaves, yarn for the warp. Hence, abb wool is wool forthe abb.
Abba Eban
Abba Eban: (1915-2002, born as Aubrey Solomon Eban), prominent Israeli diplomat and writer (born in South Africa), former Israeli ambassador to the USA and the United Na
Abbasid: Member of a dynasty of caliphs who ruled an Islamic empire from Baghdad as from 750 to 1258
Abbe: The French word answering to the English abbot, the head of anabbey but commonly a title of respect given in France to every onevested with the ecclesiastical habit
Abbess: A female superior or governess of a nunnery, or convent ofnuns, having the same authority over the nuns which the abbots haveover the monks. See Abbey.
Abbey: A monastery or society of persons of either sex, secluded from theworld and devoted to religion and celibacy also, the monasticbuilding or buildings.Note: The men
Abbie Hoffman
Abbie Hoffman: (1936-1989) leading member of the 1960s counterculture in the USA, founder of the Yippie anti-war political movement
Abbot: The superior or head of an abbey. One of a class of bishops whose sees were formerly abbeys. Encyc.Brit. Abbot of the people. a title formerly given to one of the
Abbot of misrule
Abbot of misrule: Master of revels (especially at Christmas time), also known as abbot of unreason (Archaic)
Abbozzo: (Italian) preliminary sketch or sculpture which serves as a basis for the final artwork
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