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A button short
A button short: Missing a button not entirely sane, not totally normal
A chip of the old block
A chip of the old block: Like father like son apple doesnt fall far from the tree children who resemble their parents in appearance or character
A devil of a fellow
A devil of a fellow: Quick and skillful person brilliant fellow outstanding chap
A drowning man grasps at a straw
A drowning man grasps at a straw: A desperate person will try anything
A feast for the eyes
A feast for the eyes: Sight for sore eyes, something pleasurable to behold, beautiful sight
A few steps from the beach
A few steps from the beach: Very close to the beach, on the seashore
A fine kettle of fish
A fine kettle of fish: Embarrassing situation annoyingly awkward situation
A fly in the ointment
A fly in the ointment: (Slang) detracting element inconvenience that take away from the usefulness of something drawback
A good name is better than good oil
A good name is better than good oil: Good demeanor and good manners gives greater honor than external adornment
A great number of
A great number of: Large number of, much of, a lot of, very many of
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