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A hill of beans
A hill of beans: (Informal) something trivial or barely worth consideration, something valueless
A house divided against itself
A house divided against itself: Infighting, disagreement within a group which should be unified
A hundred percent
A hundred percent: All, entire, complete certain, sure
A hundred to one chance
A hundred to one chance: Very little likelihood, very little chance
A hungry man is an angry man
A hungry man is an angry man: One who does not get what he needs is a frustrated person and will be provoked to rage very easily
A kings ransom
A kings ransom: Large sum of money large treasure
A la
A la: (French) like, in the manner of or style of somebody or something
A la carte
A la carte: (French) according to a menu that prices each dish separately, priced separately
A la mode
A la mode: Avant-garde, contemporary, fashionable, according to current styles of fashion served with ice cream on the side (i.e. with cake or pie)
A let-down
A let-down: Disappointment something very upsetting or disappointing
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