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Ablaze: On fire in a blaze, gleaming. Milman.All ablaze with crimson and gold. Longfellow. In a state of glowing excitement or ardent desire.The young Cambridge democrats
Able: To make able to enable to strengthen. Chaucer. To vouch for. "I ll able them." Shak.
Able -able ible -ible
Able -able ible -ible: An adjective suffix now usually in a passive sense able to be Fit to be expressing capacity or worthiness in a passive sense as,movable, able to b
Able bodied seaman
Able bodied seaman: Experienced seaman, competent sailor certified to do all usual duties on board ship
Able hand
Able hand: Capable person, someone who is skilled (at a particular task)
Able man
Able man: Skillful man man with the necessary qualifications to fill a position or accomplish a task
Able person
Able person: Capable person, someone who is skilled (at a particular task)
Able-bodied: Having a sound, strong body physically competent robust."Able-bodied vagrant." Froude. A`ble-bod"ied*ness, n..
Able-minded: Having much intellectual power. A`ble-mind"ed*ness, n.
Ablegate: A representative of the pope charged with important commissionsin foreign countries, one of his duties being to bring to a newlynamed cardinal his insignia of o
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