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A priori and a posteriori
A priori and a posteriori: How or on what basis a proposition might become known
A Programming Language
A Programming Language: Computer programming language that was developed in the 1960s and is usually used to generate matrixed data (based on loops instructions, used in
A put up job
A put up job: Conspiracy arranged beforehand, something planned as to cheat or mislead
A quarrel of long standing
A quarrel of long standing: Very old quarrel, long-standing dispute
A quarter of
A quarter of: One-fourth a quarter to, fifteen minutes before (the hour)
A quick quid
A quick quid: Money earned with no effort at all and frequently dishonestly (Slang)
A real go-getter
A real go-getter: Ambitious person, enterprising person, person who takes initiative, industrious person (e.g: "I was sure that Susan would get a promotion, she is a rea
A Separate Peace
A Separate Peace: 1959 novel written by John Knowles about school roommates in Devon School in New Hampshire during World War II and how the rivalry between them ruined
A state of emergency was proclaimed
A state of emergency was proclaimed: Governmental proclamation as a response to a large-scale disaster
A stitch in time saves nine
A stitch in time saves nine: Little preventive maintenance can save the need for repairs later
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