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B and B
B and B: Bed and breakfast, hotel or inn which offers overnight lodging and breakfast for one price
B cell
B cell: Beta cell, cell in the pancreatic islets which produces and secretes insulin (Physiology) type of lymphocyte produced in the bone marrow, precursor of antibody-p
B channel
B channel: Wire used in ISDN telephone service that can carry 64 kilobytes per second (Telecommunications)
B girl
B girl: Bar girl, young woman who works at a bar to entertain male customers and induce them to buy drinks and spend money (Slang) young woman who adores the culture of
B-52: Heavy bomber that has eight jet engines (frequently used by the US Air Force) (Slang) womans hairstyle that looks like a beehive
B-ball: (Informal) basketball, ball game in which two opposing teams must try and score points by throwing the ball into their opponents basket
B.a.: First-level university degree degree given by a college or university to one who has completed a four-year course in the humanities one who holds a bachelors degre
B.b.: Official list of individuals employed by the U.S. government blue-covered booklet used in universities for writing examinations
B.C.: Suffix used on dates to show that an event occurred before the birth of Christ
B.c.n.: (also Commonwealth of Nations or British Commonwealth) association made up of the United Kingdom along with its dependencies and many of its former colonies (off
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