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Baccivorous: Eating, or subsisting on, berries as, baccivorous birds.
Bach: Family name Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750), German composer and organist, father of a line of distinguished musicians
Bacharach backarack
Bacharach backarack: A kind of wine made at Bacharach on the Rhine.
Bachelor: A man of any age who has not been married.As merry and mellow an old bachelor as ever followed a hound. W.Irving. An unmarried woman. [Obs.] B. Jonson. A person
Bachelor of Agricultural Science
Bachelor of Agricultural Science : Graduate with a bachelors degree in agriculture science, B.Ag.
Bachelor of Agriculture
Bachelor of Agriculture : Graduate with a bachelors degree in agriculture, B.Ag.
Bachelor of Applied Science
Bachelor of Applied Science : Graduate with a bachelors degree in the practical sciences, B.A.S.
Bachelor of Architecture
Bachelor of Architecture : Graduate with a bachelors degree in the field of architecture, B.A.
Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Arts: Degree given by a college or university to one who has completed a four-year course in the humanities one who holds a bachelors degree in the humanitie
Bachelor of Business Administration
Bachelor of Business Administration : One who holds a bachelors degree in business administration, B.B.A.
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