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Back: In, to, or toward, the rear as, to stand back to step back. To the place from which one came to the place or person fromwhich something is taken or derived 6. as, t
Back and fill
Back and fill: Guide a water vessel through a narrow area by alternately letting the sails catch the wind and preventing the sails from catching the wind (Nautical) fluc
Back annotation
Back annotation: Comments on the back of a book, criticism on the back cover of a book, review on the rear book-jacket
Back bench
Back bench: Row of seats occupied by new members of the British Parliament
Back bencher
Back bencher: New member of Parliament, newly elected lawmaker (who is forced to sit in the back of the room)
Back burner
Back burner: Rear burner on a stovetop place of low priority, secondary position (Slang)
Back channel
Back channel: Secret or indirect means of communication return link in a two-way data channel, channel which carries data in the direction opposite that of the primary c
Back combing
Back combing: Way of combing hair by pulling hair away from scalp and combing towards the head in order to make hair look thicker, teasing ones hair
Back condition
Back condition: Back problems, back pains, state of health of suffering from back pains or problems
Back country
Back country: Sparsely settled rural area, inner and mostly unsettled part of a country
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