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Back door
Back door: A door in the back part of a building hence, an indirect way.Atterbury.
Back end
Back end: Computer program that performs background tasks (support program for a computer system, such as a database)
Back fire
Back fire: (Engin.) To have or experience a back fire or back fires said of aninternal-combustion engine. Of a Bunsen or similar air-fed burner, to light so that the flam
Back home
Back home: In the direction of home, returning home, returning to the homeland, return to the place which gives a homey feeling
Back in place
Back in place: Returned to its proper place, situated properly once again
Back in the day
Back in the day: Before a great while in the past
Back iron
Back iron: Metal frame used to support the modeling material (Sculpture)
Back lane
Back lane: (British) back alley, small path or street behind a row of houses
Back lot
Back lot: Large undeveloped outdoor area in a movie studio used for constructing large outdoor sets and for shooting exterior scenes
Back matter
Back matter: Information at the end of a book (i.e. index, glossary, bibliography, etc.), end matter
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