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Back number
Back number: Out of date issue of a serial publication anything out of date
Back of beyond
Back of beyond: Middle of nowhere, boondocks, other side of the world
Back office
Back office: Rear office administrative departments of a company, departments that have little or no contact with clients
Back order
Back order: Ordered merchandise that is not currently in stock but will be supplied in the future
Back out of
Back out of: Regret, change ones opinion, retire, "get out of the game"
Back pedal
Back pedal: Pedal backwards change ones opinion (Boxing) pull back by quickly moving backward from opponent
Back pressure
Back pressure: Pressure in direct opposition to the normal flow
Back projection
Back projection: Rear projection, technique in photography whereby live action is filmed in front of a screen on which the background action is projected
Back scratching
Back scratching: Scratching someones back doing someone a favor (especially for a favor in return)
Back seat
Back seat: Rear seat (in a car, airplane, etc.) (figurative) insignificant position, position of secondary importance
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