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Back seat driver
Back seat driver: Passenger who criticizes and gives too much advice on how to drive properly
Back shift
Back shift: (British) work shift that starts in the afternoon and ends at night workers who work during this back shift
Back space character
Back space character: Key on the keyboard which moves a cursor back one or more spaces
Back stairs
Back stairs: Stairs in the back part of a house, as distinguished from thefront stairs hence, a private or indirect way.
Back story
Back story: Events that took place in the life of a character before commencement of a fictional story background (used metaphorically)
Back street
Back street: Side road, secondary road, road which is not a main throughway
Back stroke
Back stroke: Type of swimming stroke in which the swimmers face is toward the ceiling
Back talk
Back talk: Rude reply, sassy answer, sass, impudent reply, rude utterance
Back the wrong horse
Back the wrong horse: Bet on a losing racehorse support the wrong or losing side
Back to Africa movement
Back to Africa movement: Political movement favoring the return of American blacks to their African homeland (the most famous of which was founded by Marcus Garvey in 19
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