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Back to back
Back to back: One back facing another one right after another, in immediate succession
Back to reality
Back to reality: B2R, Internet abbreviation term used in chat rooms and email correspondence
Back to square one
Back to square one: (Informal) starting all over again at the beginning of the process
Back to the Future
Back to the Future: 1985 film starring Michael J. Fox and Crispin Glover (directed by Steven Spielberg)
Back up
Back up : Accumulate cause to accumulate provide support substantiate move backwards 6. move a vehicle in the reverse direction 7. support or confirm someones testimony
Back up light
Back up light: White light at the back of a car that lights when the car is backing up or is in reverse, reversing light
Back way
Back way: Secondary path, path that goes around the back (of a building, etc.) byroad
Back-alley abortion
Back-alley abortion: Abortion performed by an unauthorized person in a private home or makeshift clinic (esp. before abortion was legalized in the USA)
Back-formation: (Linguistics) word formed from its derivative (e.g.: "greed" from "greedy "edit" from "editor") process of forming words in this manner
Back-load: Postpone to a later date (such as salaries, benefits or costs)
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