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Baal Shem Tov
Baal Shem Tov: Israel Ben Eliezer (1700-1760), founder of the Hasidic Jewish movement
Baalah: City in southern of Judah (Hebrew kingdom in southern Palestine)
Baalist: Baalite, worshiper of Baal the Canaanite god follower of any false religion idol worshiper, idolater
Baalist baalite
Baalist baalite: A worshiper of Baal a devotee of any false religion anidolater.
Baalite: Baalist, worshiper of Baal the Canaanite god follower of any false religion idol worshiper, idolater
Baath Party
Baath Party: Arab political party established in the 1950s advocating pan-Arab union and socialism in Syria and Iraq
Baathist: Member of a pan-Arab socialist political party that is mainly active in Syria and Iraq
Bab al Mandeb
Bab al Mandeb: Strait between southwest Arabia and Africa connecting the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden
Bab ed Din
Bab ed Din: (Persian) "gate of faith", title taken by Mirza Ali Muhammed, the Bab, (1819-1850, born Ali Muhammed of Shiraz), founder of Babism
Baba Bathra
Baba Bathra: Third in a series of Talmudic tractates concerning damages (Judaism)
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