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Baboon: One of the Old World Quadrumana, of the genera Cynocephalus andPapio the dog-faced ape. Baboons have dog-like muzzles and largecanine teeth, cheek pouches, a shor
Babu: (Hindu) mister, title for a gentleman Indian person who can write in English Indian person who has some knowledge of English (Offensive Slang)
Babul: Acacia tree that grows in Arabia and the East Indies and produces gum arabic
Babul babool
Babul babool: Any one of several species of Acacia, esp. A. Arabica, whichyelds a gum used as a substitute for true gum arabic.In place of Putneys golden gorseThe sickly
Babushka: Bandana or kerchief folded and tied around the head grandmother, old woman (Russian)
Shaun, Peter, Dustin are voted the best baby names
Baby Bells
Baby Bells: Name that identifies the regional telephone companies in the United States that were formed in 1984 from the breakup of the AT&T Corp. for the purpose of cre
Baby blue-eyes
Baby blue-eyes: Blue eyes, California annual plant that has blue flowers
Baby blues
Baby blues: (Informal) blue eyes postnatal depression that some women experience after giving birth
Baby boom
Baby boom: Sharp increase in the birthrate of a nation period of time characterized by an increase in the birthrate (esp. the years immediately following World War II)
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