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Baby jumper
Baby jumper: A hoop suspended by an elastic strap, in which a young childmay be held secure while amusing itself by jumping on the floor.
Baby kisser
Baby kisser: One who visits and kisses children in order to create a positive public image (especially of a politician or one running for a public office)
Baby minder
Baby minder: Babysitter, one who guards and cares for children while the parents are not at home
Baby sit
Baby sit: Supervise children while their parents are not home watching over a child, supervising children
Baby sitter
Baby sitter: Person hired to take care of a child or children (as when the parents are away for the evening)
Baby sitting
Baby sitting: Taking care of a child or children for pay while the parents are temporarily away
Baby talk
Baby talk: Words and sounds that babies make while they learn to speak imitation of the speech of a small child made by an adult oversimplified speech
Baby wipes
Baby wipes: Special towelettes designed to clean babies skin without damaging it
Babygro: British trademark for an all-in-one outfit for babies made from stretch fabric
Babyhouse: A place for childrens dolls and dolls furniture. Swift.
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