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C extension
C extension: Extension of a source file in the C programming language
C flat
C flat: Musical note which is one half-step lower than the note C
C net
C net: Worldwide computer network that provides news and reports on specific topics as well as Internet on-line services
C programming language
C programming language: Type of high-level programming language
C sharp
C sharp: Musical note which is one half-step higher than the note C
C&F: Selling price includes all costs and freight, seller bears the transportation charges to the port of shipment and loading and freight (the buyer bears the cost of t
C++ programming language
C++ programming language: Type of object-oriented high-level programming language
C.a.: Court whose jurisdiction is to review decisions of lower courts or agencies
C.J. Doppler
C.J. Doppler: (1803-1853) Austrian physicist, first person to explain the Doppler effect
C.o.d.: Cash payment to be made (by the purchaser) upon receipt of products or goods
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