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Caesarea: Ancient town in Israel on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea that was built by King Herod during the first century BC
Caesarean: Operation in which a fetus is surgically removed from the uterus
Caesarean caesarian
Caesarean caesarian: Of or pertaining to C?sar or the C?sars imperial. C?sarean section (Surg.), the operation of taking a child from the womb by cutting through the wall
Caesarean operation
Caesarean operation: Caesarean section, surgical removal of a fetus from a womans uterus
Caesarean Section
Caesarean Section : A form of child birth. A method to deliver a baby. A surgical incison into the womb in order to deliver a baby.
Caesarian: Operation in which a fetus is surgically removed from the uterus
Caesarism: A system of government in which unrestricted power is exercised by a single person, to whom, as C?sar or emperor, it has been committed by the popular will imp
Caesious: Of the color of lavender pale blue with a slight mixture of gray. Lindley.
Caesium: A rare alkaline metal found in mineral water so called from the two characteristic blue lines in its spectrum. It was the first element discovered by spectrum an
Caesura: A metrical break in a verse, occurring in the middle of a foot and commonly near the middle of the verse a sense pause in the middle of a foot. Also, a long syll
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