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Daira: Any of several valuable estates of the Egyptian khedive or his family. The most important are the Da"i*ra Sa"ni*eh, or Sa"ni*yeh, and the Da"i*ra Khas"sa, administ
Dairy: Noun: A farm where dairy products are made. Adjective: this word can also refer to a product that contains or is made from milk. It can refer to milk production a
Dairy bar
Dairy bar: Food counter where dairy products are sold, restaurant or coffee shop that serves dairy products which it produces
Dairy farm
Dairy farm: Farm where milk is produced, farm that produces dairy products
Dairy farming
Dairy farming: Business of raising cows to produce dairy products (milk, cheese, etc.)
Dairy ice-cream
Dairy ice-cream: Sweet frozen dessert containing cream or butterfat
Dairy industry
Dairy industry: Manufacturing of food produced from milk or milk products
Dairy restaurant
Dairy restaurant: Restaurant which has a dairy based menu and does not serve meat
Dairy-farmer: Farmer who runs a dairy farm, farmer that tends milk cows person who works in a dairy
Dairying: The business of conducting a dairy.
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