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Damson: Dark purple plum of the damson tree. Small purple-black plum like fruit. Damson Cheese: a solid preserve of damsons and sugar.
Dan: A small truck or sledge used in coal mines.
Dan Aykroyd
Dan Aykroyd: (born 1952) Canadian comedian and film actor, co-star in the comedy film "The Blues Brothers"
Dan Brown
Dan Brown: (born 1964) United States author of thriller fiction books, author of "The Da Vinci Code"
Dan Goldin
Dan Goldin: Daniel Saul Goldin (born 1940), manager of the American space agency NASA (from 1992 to November 2001)
Dan Halutz
Dan Halutz: (born 1948) 18th Chief of Staff of the Israel Defense Forces (2005-2007), Israeli Lieutenant General, former commander of the Israeli Air Force
Dan Meridor
Dan Meridor: (born 1947) Israeli statesman and prominent leader of the Likud political party (served as minister in several Israeli governments)
Dan Naveh
Dan Naveh: (born 1960) Israeli politician, member of the Likud party, Minister in Israels 15th parliamentary cabinet
Dana Owens
Dana Owens: (born 1970) American rap musician and actress known as "Queen Latifah"
Danaide: A water wheel having a vertical axis, and an inner and outer tapering shell, between which are vanes or floats attached usually to both shells, but sometimes onl
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