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Earlock: A lock or curl of hair near the ear a lovelock. See Lovelock.
Early: Before the expected time of arrival. To arrive before one is expected. Also near the beginning of a course of event. Something that may be occurring at an earl
Early bird
Early bird: Early riser, one who wakes up early, one who gets out of bed at an early hour
Early Church
Early Church: The formative period of the Christian church before the emergence of the centralized authority of the Roman Catholic Church in the West
Early detection
Early detection: Early discovery, discovery of something before the expected or usual time of its appearance
Early diagnosis
Early diagnosis: Identification of a disease while it is still in its early stages
Early elections
Early elections: Elections that are held earlier than scheduled
Early retirement
Early retirement: Permanent withdrawal from active working live before the standard age
Early riser
Early riser: One who wakes up early, one who gets out of bed at an early hour
Early show
Early show: Performance or movie presented in the day or early in the evening
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