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Early sign
Early sign: Mark or omen that appears before the expected or usual time
Early warning
Early warning: Caution or warning which appears before the expected or usual time
Early warning station
Early warning station: Place where equipment is set up to warn of incoming enemy aircraft
Early warning system
Early warning system: Network of radar installations intended to detect enemy aircraft or missiles within the required time for effective deployment of defense systems s
Earmark: When something is set aside for some future use. A mark an animal "usually on the ear" for identification. Any such mark used for identification. Give or ass
Earmarked: Designated, specified marked marked with an earmark
Earmarked contribution
Earmarked contribution: Contribution which has been set aside for some special purpose
Earmarked for construction
Earmarked for construction: Intended to be used for construction (of materials, money, property, etc.)
Earmuff: Covering worn over the ears to keep ears warm ( may also be used to protect against noise)
Earmuffs: Pair of coverings worn over the ears to keep ears warm (may also be used to protect against noise)
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