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Earplug: A soft material placed inside the ear to block out water or sounds. This type of plug is often made from cotton, wax, or rubber.
Earring: A piece of jewelry worn by people, usually clipped to the earlobe or fastened through a hole in the lobe. Often made from precious metals. Mostly done to deco
Earshot: Reach of the ear distance at which words may be heard. Dryden.
Earshrift: A nickname for auricular confession shrift. [Obs.] Cartwright.
Earsore: An annoyance to the ear. [R.] The perpetual jangling of the chimes . . . is no small earsore Sir T. Browne.
Earth: The physical planet that we live on. The third planet away from the sun and the only planet where life is known to exist. All the people that live on its surfac
Earth colors
Earth colors: Warm natural colors and tones (i.e. brown, ochre, rust, etc.)
Earth connection
Earth connection: Connection of an electrical conductor to the earth so that electricity passes from the conductor into the ground
Earth Day
Earth Day: Celebration held on April 22 in order to raise awareness of environmental and conservation issues
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