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Earthworm: Any dark worms that are found beneath the surface of soil, these worms help aerate the soil. May at times surface when the ground is cool or wet. Fisherman
Earthy: Consisting of, or resembling, earth terrene earthlike as, earthy matter. How pale she looks, And of an earthy cold! Shak. All over earthy, like a piece of earth.
Earwig: To influence, or attempt to influence, by whispered insinuations or private talk. "No longer was he earwigged by the Lord Cravens." Lord Campbell.
Earwigs mean: Numerous insects of the order Dermaptera having elongate bodies and slender many jointed antennae. Listen without the speaker s knowledge
Earwitness: A witness by means of his ears one who is within hearing and does hear a hearer. Fuller.
Earworm: Tune or melody or song that gets stuck in a persons mind and the person repeats it over and over in his/her head moth larva that eats corn
Ease: No difficulty in usage. No feelings of discomfort or worry. To be relaxed, leisurely and appear free from contraint. Military: To stand in a relaxed fashion with
Ease off
Ease off: Ease up diminish pressure, reduce intensity become less intense
Ease the pain
Ease the pain: Make free from pain, lessen the pain, reduce the sharpness of the pain
Ease up
Ease up: Ease off diminish pressure, reduce intensity become less intense give way, yield the right of way move over as to make room for someone else
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