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Eased the pain
Eased the pain: Made free from pain, lessened the pain, relieved the pain
Easeful: Full of ease suitable for affording ease or rest quiet comfortable restful. Shak. Ease"ful*ly, adv. Ease"ful*ness, n.
Easel: Used by artists specifically painters to support a canvas, display or blackboard. An upright structure with three legs for displaying something.
Easeless: Without ease. Donne.
Easement: That which gives ease, relief, or assistance convenience accommodation. In need of every kind of relief and easement. Burke. (Law) A liberty, privilege, or adva
Easier said than done
Easier said than done: Term used when something seems like a good idea but it is or would be difficult to do
Easily: With ease without difficulty or much effort as, this task may be easily performed that event might have been easily foreseen. Without pain, anxiety, or disturbanc
Easily distracted
Easily distracted: Easily sidetracked, person whose attention is easily diverted
Easily peeled
Easily peeled: Having a peel that is easily removed (i.e. banana)
Easiness: The state or condition of being easy freedom from distress rest. Freedom from difficulty ease 6. as the easiness of a task. 7. Freedom from emotion 8. complian
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