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Eastern Standard Time
Eastern Standard Time: Time zone for the U.S. states and Canadian provinces located on or near the Atlantic seacoast, EST
Eastertide: Easter season week following Easter the period of 50 days between Easter and Whitsuntide
Easting: The distance measured toward the east between two meridians drawn through the extremities of a course distance of departure eastward made by a vessel.
Eastward eastwards
Eastward eastwards: Toward the east in the direction of east from some point or place as, New Haven lies eastward from New York.
Eastwood: Family name Clint Eastwood (born 1930), United States movie actor and director, former mayor of Carmel (California, USA)
Easy: At ease free from pain, trouble, or constraint as: (a) Free from pain, distress, toil, exertion, and the like quiet as, the patient is easy. (b) Free from care, res
Easy believed is easy deceived
Easy believed is easy deceived: One who believes anything is easy to deceive
Easy come easy go
Easy come easy go: Things that are easily acquired may be lost just as easily
Easy grader
Easy grader: Gives out high grades, not a strict grader (of a teacher, professor, etc.)
Easy life
Easy life: Comfortable life, life that is free from anxiety and worries
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