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Eat crow
Eat crow: (Slang) "eat shit", suffer be compelled to accept a humiliating defeat
Eat dirt
Eat dirt: Suffer a humiliating experience, suffer a great deal, be deeply disappointed
Eat humble pie
Eat humble pie: Admit that one has done something wrong and apologize, be apologetic
Eat into
Eat into : Take a chunk out of, erode, eat away (especially referring to financial or other savings)
Eat ones fill
Eat ones fill: Eat as much as one wants, eat until hunger is satisfied, eat until one is full
Eat ones heart out
Eat ones heart out: Be tormented, suffer grieve in a bitter manner be jealous
Eat ones words
Eat ones words: Take back what has been said repent of what has been said
Eat out
Eat out: Eat at a restaurant (e.g.: "I dont feel like cooking tonight, lets eat out")
Eat out of someones hand
Eat out of someones hand: Accept control and influence of another
Eat the bread of idleness
Eat the bread of idleness: Be inactive, loaf, do nothing, laze
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