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Eat till one is full
Eat till one is full: Eat to the point where one can eat no more
Eatable: Capable of being eaten fit to be eaten proper for food esculent edible. n. Something fit to be eaten.
Eatage: Eatable growth of grass for horses and cattle, esp. that of aftermath.
Eaten: Consumed, having been taken into the mouth and swallowed
Eater: One who, or that which, eats.
Eaters coma
Eaters coma: State in which a person is lazy and sleepy and often is not motivated to do anything but relax or rest or sleep condition which commonly takes place shortly
Eaters death
Eaters death: Severe and serious form of eaters coma in which a person has difficulties standing or walking (condition that usually takes place after having eaten a very
Eath: Easy or easily. [Obs.] "Eath to move with plaints." Fairfax.
Eating: The act of tasking food the act of consuming or corroding. Something fit to be eaten food as, a peach is good eating. [Colloq.] Eating house, a house where cooked
Eating bout
Eating bout: Eating spree, consumption of a large amount of food in a short period of time
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