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Eating disorder
Eating disorder: Mental disease that is characterized by an irregular and health threatening eating habit (i.e. anorexia, bulimia, compulsive eating)
Eating ones fill
Eating ones fill: Eating to the point where one can eat no more
Eating ones terms
Eating ones terms: Studying law and eating the required number of meals at the Hall of the Inns of Court (which is at least three times in each of the twelve terms) in o
Eaton: American corporation headquartered in Ohio, manufacturer of mechanical and electronic components (including semiconductors, hydraulic systems, and control devices
Eau: (French) water (in English used in combination, such as "eau de Cologne")
Eau de cologne
Eau de cologne: Same as Cologne.
Eau de toilette
Eau de toilette: (French) toilet water, light perfume, perfume that has a fragrance that is less-concentrated
Eau de vie
Eau de vie: French name for brandy. Cf. Aqua vit?, under Aqua. Bescherelle.
Eau forte
Eau forte: An etching or a print from an etched plate.
Eave: Lower edge of a roof of a building which overhangs the side
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