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Ealderman ealdorman
Ealderman ealdorman: An alderman. [Obs.]
Ean: To bring forth, as young to yean. "In eaning time." Shak.
Eanling: A lamb just brought forth a yeanling. Shak.
Ear: An organ that is used for hearing. Ears have good sensitivity to music and other sounds. All ears: Listening carefully to what somebody has to say and to pay atte
Ear drops
Ear drops: Medicine for the ears applied in liquid drops earring with a pendant
Ear locks
Ear locks: Lock of hair worn next to each ear (by Ultra-Orthodox Jews)
Ear muffs
Ear muffs: Pair of coverings worn over the ears to keep ears warm (may also be used to protect against noise)
Ear nose & throat
Ear nose & throat: Fields of a medical specialty physician which works in this field
Ear nose & throat specialist
Ear nose & throat specialist: Doctor specializing in the treatment of disorders related to the upper respiratory system (ear, nose and throat)
Ear nose & throat ward
Ear nose & throat ward: Department (in a clinic, hospital, etc.) that treats ailments of the ear nose and throat
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