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Ear Nose and Throat
Ear Nose and Throat: Branch in medicine that deals specifically with the diseases affecting any or all of these body parts
Ear protectors
Ear protectors: Pair of ear coverings that protect the ears from loud sounds
Ear ring
Ear ring: Ring or other small ornament for the lobe of the ear
Ear Trumpet
Ear Trumpet: An instrument that is shaped like a trumpet that is used for hearing. A device resembling a cone used by a hearing-impaired person.
Ear wax
Ear wax: Waxy yellowish substance secreted in channel of the ear (in animals and humans)
Ear worm
Ear worm: Tune or melody or song that gets stuck in a persons mind and the person repeats it over and over in his/her head
Ear-bored: Having the ear perforated.
Ear-minded: Thinking chiefly or most readily through, or in terms related to, the sense of hearing specif., thinking words as spoken, as a result of familiarity with spee
Ear-nose-throat specialist
Ear-nose-throat specialist: Doctor specializing in the treatment of disorders related to the ears nose and throat (upper respiratory system)
Ear-shell: A flattened marine univalve shell of the genus Haliotis called also sea-ear. See Abalone.
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