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Fail: Miscarriage failure deficiency fault mostly superseded by failure or failing, except in the phrase without fail. "His highness fail of issue." Shak. 6. Death 7. de
Fail someone
Fail someone: Give someone a failing grade (on an exam, etc.) disappoint someone, let someone down
Fail to bring down inflation
Fail to bring down inflation: Be unsuccessful in reducing inflation (increase in the volume of money relative to available goods)
Fail to live up to ones promises
Fail to live up to ones promises: Not keep ones word, not keep ones promise
Fail-safe : Mechanism which compensates automatically in case of a failure or malfunction
Failance: Fault failure omission. [Obs.] Bp. Fell.
Failed an exam
Failed an exam: Was highly unsuccessful in an examination, got a very low grade on a test
Failed attempt
Failed attempt: Highly unsuccessful experiment, experience that did not work out as planned
Failed miserably
Failed miserably: Had an amazingly terrible failure, was highly unsuccessful, fell extremely short of what was expected
Failing: A failing short a becoming deficient failure deficiency imperfection 6. weakness 7. lapse 8. fault 9. infirmity 10. as, a mental failing. And ever in her mind sh
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