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Faille: A soft silk, heavier than a foulard and not glossy.
Failover: Redundancy within a computer network in order to ensure network availability after the failure of a particular piece of hardware (Computers)
Failure: Cessation of supply, or total defect a failing deficiency as, failure of rain failure of crops. 6. Omission 7. nonperformance 8. as, the failure to keep a promi
Failure of consideration
Failure of consideration: Without compensation, without recompense, without payment
Failure to repay a loan
Failure to repay a loan: Annulment of a debt, non-repayment of a loan
Fain: To be glad to wish or desire. [Obs.] Whoso fair thing does fain to see. Spencer.
Faineance faineancy
Faineance faineancy: Doing nothing shiftless. n. A do-nothing an idle fellow a sluggard. Sir W. Scott.
Faineant deity
Faineant deity: A deity recognized as real but conceived as not acting in human affairs, hence not worshiped.
Faint: To cause to faint or become dispirited to depress to weaken. [Obs.] It faints me to think what follows. Shak.
Faint idea
Faint idea: Weak idea, undeveloped idea, idea which is still being developed
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