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Face about
Face about: (British usage) turn towards the other way turn some object to face the other way turn somebody to face the other way
Face ache
Face ache: (Slightly Offensive term) very ugly person annoying person
Face as long as a fiddle
Face as long as a fiddle: Very sad countenance, sorrowful face
Face blindness
Face blindness: Prosopagnosia, inability to recognize familiar faces, trouble or difficulty to recognize faces, difficulty of telling the difference between faces
Face card
Face card: Any one of the cards in a deck of playing cards that has a picture of a face (king, queen or jack), picture card, court card
Face dismissal
Face dismissal: Be aware that ones employment is coming to an end
Face down
Face down: With the front of the head lying towards/on the floor, with the front or marked surface pointing towards the floor
Face fungus
Face fungus: (Slang) facial hair on a mans face beard whiskers moustache
Face guard
Face guard: Face mask with openings for the eyes face mask made of solid wire mesh that is placed on the front of football helmets
Face lifting
Face lifting: Surgical remove of wrinkles and other disfigurements from the face altering or repairing (i.e. of a buildings exterior)
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