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Face off
Face off: Direct confrontation start of play in ice hockey when the referee drops the puck between two opposing team members
Face saving
Face saving: Preserving ones honor or prestige Act made so that other people will go on respecting you maintaining a persons reputation and dignity
Face the music
Face the music: Accept the unpleasant consequences of ones previous actions
Face to face talk
Face to face talk: Discussion in which two people meet in person
Face to the wall
Face to the wall: Stand facing the wall, stand looking at the wall
Face up to
Face up to: Accept the fact that, meet something or someone without shrinking
Face value
Face value: Value printed on something apparent worth or significance
Face-lift: Cosmetic surgery on the face to smooth wrinkles and remove other signs of aging
Faceache: Neuralgia, pain in a nerve (Neurology, Pathology) very ugly person (British Offensive term)
Faced: A blow in the face, as in boxing hence, any severe or stunning check or defeat, as in controversy. [Collog.] I should have been a stercoraceous mendicant if I had
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