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Facial: Of or pertaining to the face as, the facial artery, vein, or nerve. Fa"cial*ly, adv. Facial angle (Anat.), the angle, in a skull, included between a straight lin
Facial angle
Facial angle: Anatomical angle used to quantify facial protrusion
Facial Care
Facial Care includes daily cleasing of the skin to protect you from rash, toxins and other irritants to keep your face and skin healthy.
Facial expression
Facial expression: Look on ones face, emotions manifested on the face, countenance, look
Facial mask
Facial mask: Special cosmetic cream that hardens upon facial skin and is meant to clean and purify it
Faciend: The multiplicand. See Facient,
Facient: One who does anything, good or bad a doer an agent. [Obs.] Br. Hacket. (Mach.) (a) One of the variables of a quantic as distinguished from a coefficient. (b) The
Facies: The anterior part of the head the face. (Biol.) The general aspect or habit of a species, or group of species, esp. with reference to its adaptation to its enviro
Facile: Easy to be done or performed: not difficult performable or attainable with little labor. Order . . . will render the work facile and delightful. Evelyn. Easy to b
Facilely: In an easy manner, without difficulty with ease, in an unconstrained manner gently, pleasantly flexibly, yieldingly
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