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Gain a majority
Gain a majority: Obtain support from more than half of a group
Gain an advantage
Gain an advantage: Gain ground on the competition, distance oneself from (as in a race) get a leg up, have the upper hand
Gain and loss exhibit
Gain and loss exhibit: Report on income and profits or losses sustained by a business during an accounting period (Accounting)
Gain control of the fire
Gain control of the fire: Manage to bring a fire under control
Gain experience
Gain experience: Acquire knowledge through repeated involvement, gain familiarity
Gain insight into
Gain insight into: Acquire the ability to understand (a situation, person, machine, etc.)
Gain strength
Gain strength: Increase in power or might recover be intensified, gain momentum
Gain the edge on
Gain the edge on: Gain the advantage over surpass
Gainable: Capable of being obtained or reached. Sherwood.
Gainage: One who gains. Shak.
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