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Galatia: Ancient country in central Asia Minor that became a Roman province in 25 B.C. (place where the early Christian community settled)
Galatian: Of or pertaining to Galatia or its inhabitants. A native or inhabitant of Galatia, in Asia Minor a descendant of the Gauls who settled in Asia Minor.
Galaxy: (Astron.) The Milky Way that luminous tract, or belt, which is seen at night stretching across the heavens, and which is composed of innumerable stars, so distant
Galban galbanum
Galban galbanum: A gum resin exuding from the stems of certain Asiatic umbelliferous plants, mostly species of Ferula. The Bubon Galbanum of South Africa furnishes an inf
Galbe: The general outward form of any solid object, as of a column or a vase.
Gale: The payment of a rent or annuity. [Eng.] Mozley & W. Gale day, the day on which rent or interest is due.
Galea: (Bot.) The upper lip or helmet-shaped part of a labiate flower. (Surg.) A kind of bandage for the head. (Pathol.) Headache extending all over the head. (Paleon.) A
Galeate galeated
Galeate galeated: Wearing a helmet protected by a helmet covered, as with a helmet. (Biol.) Helmeted having a helmetlike part, as a crest, a flower, etc. 6. helmet-shaped
Galei: That division of elasmobranch fishes which includes the sharks.
Galei Zahal
Galei Zahal: Israeli military radio station which broadcasts programs of military interest
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